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As you can see here you can read something about me :D

First of all I wanted to apologise for my weak english ^^' I'm from Poland and I learned english alone... without teachers...

Tomorrow I start writing for ya :D

Everything is changing

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I hope for good :D I have very good mood for two days already! ;D It’s because a very good things happened :D But from the beginning :

Work at the office:

My contract is ending 10 January 2011. Everyone thought (me too in fact) that I should start to pack my things already. But I’m not going to do this :D I will have new contract! You don’t even have idea how happy I am… But from the start: We have new boss and new general office director. The case is I was always meeting that director in toilet (coeducational are great X3) and I was greeting her in normal way, like I’m meeting with everyone (with respect of course, because I’m the youngest worker in the office – we have 300 workers XP).  And two days ago I ran into new boss. I smiled at her, introduced myself and shook hands with her.  This little things gave them some thoughts and they looked into my papers.  And they even listened gossips about me. I’m lucky that everyone was talking how sweet, cute, nice and good and hard working I am XDDD So they said they want me to stay :D and in the same department I’m in now, but they don’t know if it will be the same position.

Work at as the Journalist (monthly paper)

Lately I was really busy because I must teach some kids from my university how to write articles… (O_O I’m third year already! XDD Now I’m sempaiXDD) it was pain in the ass >_< But I’ve done it. And I was writing my a hard topic article and the second article with my director. And my article was article of the cover! :D and you know what?! Editor said it was one of the best articles of the year! >3< I’m sooo great! (just kidding) but seriously… after hospital I didn’t write any articles… I was a little scared how it will come out… And in this paper we work for free but we have made all placements, and free books, games, music CDs, tickets for the cinemas,  operas, theatres, concerts and such.  But we never get paid… and you know what?! I will receive payment for this article! It’s only 200 PLN brutto but it’s the first time I ever get paid for my journalist work. I was so moved that when I was alone in the editorial I cried a little from happiness. I know guys don’t cry but think about it- It’s a big step for me to make my dreams come true, to satisfy my ambitions, to run from the present grey and sad reality. And another step to make my Older Brother proud of me.  


I’m third year already and I will write bachelor this year (I don’t know if I translated it good-.-‘ ). I had a topic : Features investigative journalism exemplified by the case of kidnapping and murder of Christopher Olewnik.  My Promoter said it’s a good topic for me because of my personal experience and practically forced it to me… I didn’t protest much ‘cause I want to be a investigative journalist.

One day my Promoter seen badges at my bag.

-Manga?- he asked.

- Yes.- I replied with a smile.

- It’s about this Lolita girls… - he started and he talk about it. I was so angry. I told him about all kinds of mangas (about Yuri and Yaoi too XDD). And at the next seminary I showed him mangas: Heat, Morfina, Angel Sanctuary, Stallion, Romantic Illusions, Futari Echhi and anime: Howl’s moving castle, Ghost in the shell, Millennium Actress, Hotaru no Haka and Perfect Blue. He made a big eyes and started to apologize to me.

-   I’m really sorry… can I change the topic of your bachelor?

- O_O what?

- I want you to write about this phenomenal manga and anime world!

So he changed my topic and now I have pretty easy topic… easy if you compare it to the previous topic XD


And know in office work I’m sitting and thinking about a one shot manga I will probably start to draw…


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Although lately I don’t have time for myself (that’s why I don’t do contest prizes T_T I’m really sorry for that) I watched two really great documentary movies at nights this week. One „Beats of Freedom” english movie about music- rock and punk and youth in PRL (People’s Republic Of Poland). The second one was „Colonel Jin Xing: A Unique Destiny”- about first transsexual Woman (big letter because she deserve every kind of respect) in People’s Republic of China. I tell you what I feel about this movies.

Beats of Freedom

I was amazed. One of the best documentary film I’ve ever watched. Maybe it’s because most of the band that was showed in this movie was my favorites when I was a kid. Yeah- I was punk- my ear had so many piercings that could fit in I wanted to have tattoos (still want) and piercing in my mouth, my hair was dyed red with black elements, my hairstyle was changing really fast colors were almost the same (for example I had irokes, later I was modeling my hair like Nobu from Nana). My clothes was like old punks with chains and all that stuff XD When I was young I found my mom’s cassettes. That’s when I fell in love with this music. When my mom was young she was listening to this kind of music, but when I started she got angry pretty fast XP maybe it’s because at that time I started to change. But not because of music. Sad thing she was thinking it was it’s fault… anyway Movie was really great. Great to the point after I watched it I started to search for the cassettes (I searched all night!) I didn’t want to talk. Right now I want to listen to TSA and all bands from my mom’s youth X3 partly mine too. I hope I won’t feel the urge to come back to my old punk style XD But I can say… I want freedom- maybe not that kind of freedom I had In Middle school, because it was too crazy and pitiful XP

 Jing Xing

You must see this film… this person is amazing.  I was going to write more, but some days passed and my life began to be very complicated again -.-‘

Artist block

 As you can see I have another one -.-‘ that’s the reason why I’m not adding much works and drawing contest prizes take so much time…

My house

I just cleaned it up O_O and you know what? I found my desk, bed and the floor XDDDDD only places and things that I always keep clean are my collections :D If I will bored I take some photos of it and show it to you :D you can say what kind of person I am when you look at this…


At Friday my boss made a meeting for all workers. To wish then happy Christmas. Of course when she said about one minute of silent for those who died from workers and workers family everyone started to look at me.  Now I know why Mrs. E didn’t came…

After this meeting I wanted to escape to my place of work but Mrs. J and Mr. M stopped me and start to hug. I only thought about running away from that place. Damn them all.

My journalist work

I supposed to write new article till today. Of course I can't be lucky enough to receive answers from my callers... I must think what I will say my editors...


…at Friday send me a letter: you are are deleted from the list of students. I can never have a happy and calm life… I must go to deanery and do something about it… I hope everything will be alright… but somehow I can’t imagine it… The saddest thing is that I'm f*****g failure and mu Older Brother would disappointed in me...