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You know I really hate this kind of thing. It’s totally not for me. And the xmass trees are making me want to burn them all down. This year I went to my family because I’m good father of ‘lil two year old Małgorzata. She didn’t see me for a very long time @_@

And you know what? It was the strangest xmass in my life. Nobody was fighting ! O_O and they don’t do some of conservative things anymore. For example I have cousin who’s 18 years old- Tommy. We talked a little and we went to his friend to do a tattoo on my shoulder. (if you want to know- it hurt, but I didn’t cry and suchXD). I’ve done a memento for my Older Brother. I’m really happy I have this. I was worried about the reactions of my family who’s really strict and conservative when it comes to me (the rest of kids don’t have this problem with them -.-‘) but when they saw it the said it cool and only asked if I’m feeling right (they thought that I can lost consciousness anytime- they always worry about it). Even my grandmother didn’t said anything bad. I talked with her and she said I should have a little fun and act my age. In her opinion mentally I’m about 45. I was so shocked I didn’t have any answer for this. She said that I should have a little fun and said Tommy to take me with him to huge club “Omen”. It’s club that people all over the country are dancing in…OMEN?! In XMASS?! I thought they were joking.

After I got a tattoo I made a ride to the other houses of my family. It happened that three families ended up in the same house. I was guarding two dogs and 6 kids in age 2-6 years old (all my cousins) @_@ I thought I’ll go crazy. They were jumping all over the room and screaming “Rafi Rafi”! and one of them Kamil(4 years old) was saying uncle to me T_T He didn’t want to listen I’m his cousin… After the kids gone to sleep, Tommy toke away from me my suit and gave me his clothes. He dragged me out of the house and toke to the OMEN club. I forgot how noisy this places are.  When I was a teenager I was sneaking in this kind of places very often and I was … it doesn’t matter XD Maybe next time I tell who I was… The girls was hooking me up like crazy so I was sticking to the Tommy’s girlfriend. After hour I was a kid again and together with Tommy  we danced at the platform. After 3 hours we quit this club and rode to another one. We rode 30 km! XD In there I’ve seen my cousin who is only 15. Completely drunk! I wanted to go to her but Tommy grabbed my hand and said “leave her, just have fun by yourself. You don’t have to be adult all the time! Just have fun!”… I wanted but when I saw her kissing with some guy I asked Tommy “is he her boyfriend?” Tommy looked at them and laughed “no, this guy? She probably just met him here… you know she’s dead drunk”. You see I love all my cousins and one of my cousin who’s only 18 years old have two kids already and didn’t even ended high school.  Tommy knew what I was thinking so we rode to the next club. And like that I spent all night.


I had angina and the house in which we supposed to celebrate new year didn’t work out. We knew it only the last day of the year. I was angry but there was nothing we could do. I, Nori, Hikaru and Alex had to spent all night outdoors XP In some aspects it was cold and boring but I spent this time with them so I was happy. I was scared that I get even sicker but I’m not XD


My contract is ending 10.01.11 r. so right know I’m on my rentals. After the 10th I’m gonna get another contract but not for the same position. Scanning arts won’t be that often as always.


Today and tomorrow I’m gonna give my reference papers to the Head of the Program. I’m scared it’s to late already…